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Vampire imagery’s popularity in modern media has turned a former outlier of the cosmetic dentistry world into a mainstream option (well, almost). If you’re the kind of person who craves the vamp look, check out these fangular oral adornments and make your dreams (or nightmares) come true!

Fang Shui

Fang “types” are usually categorized based on how long you want them to “hang around”.

TEMPORARY FANGS – The installation process is essentially nothing more than bonding the acrylic fangs to your real teeth. These fangs are generally worn for a short time then chipped away from the teeth. If you wish to have fangs only for Halloween, this will be the type that you want. Cheap dental acrylics can often be acquired for less than $100 per set. You may be able to have them professionally installed for less than $300.

SEMI-PERMANENT FANGS – The cost for high-end fangs can reach as high as $8,000 depending on the craftsmanship, the materials used, and the individual installing them. These items will only be removed if they become worn-out or damaged. Semi-permanent fangs are often installed in a manner similar to veneers. Your teeth may be reshaped to fit the fangs, and they are meant to be used as real teeth.

CAUTION! With semi-perms, you really must want fangs for … well … a good long while as removing them might reveal some gnarly damaged teeth (just sayin’).

PERMANENT FANGS – Ready to graduate to real vamp status? Have your canine teeth sharpened to a fine point and your front teeth slightly shortened. This procedure can vary wildly in cost, but it is usually similar in price to having dental acrylics installed. The main issue with this procedure is finding a qualified dentist willing to alter your teeth for purely cosmetic reasons.

The overall costs of having real vampire fangs implanted or bonded to your teeth can seem high. However, the end result is real-looking fangs that you do not have to take out at night (if that’s your pleasure).

Do-It-Yourself Fangs

So, you want fangs (or think you do). You’re on a budget, and you don’t have much time. Well, there are economical DIY kits available to give you the fangs you’ve always wanted without the aid of a dentist or fangsmith (we’ll discuss the fangsmith thing later). Here is mixed media artist, Klaire de Lys, with a DIY fang tutorial.

Fangsmiths? Huh?

The art of fangsmithing revolves around the creation of realistic and highly detailed fangs for mere mortals. Fangsmith may be self-taught artisans or actual dental professionals trained in the dark arts.

Fangsmiths can craft fangs to match the general shape and color of your natural teeth. The fangsmith will typically take molds of your existing teeth and measurements of your mouth in order to determine what will fit comfortably and also express your inner vamp (bet you didn’t know you had one). This is important, since fangs can potentially irritate the lips and gums, and interfere with eating and speaking (sounds like fun!).

The dental acrylics that fangsmiths employ are the same ones found in temporary crowns or dentures. Long-term fangs are typically made from more durable materials such as titanium, porcelain, or zirconium. The most popular setup is metal overlaid with porcelain. These additions can last many years, if not a few decades (to the horror of everyone you know).

Check out this BuzzFeed video that demonstrates what it’s like to visit a master fangsmith, Meet up with Father Sebastiaan (yes, that’s how you spell it) as he bequeaths a new set of fangs to a BuzzFeed reporter. (WARNING: Some mature language)

Some advice … before going the route of permanent fangs, why not try out a temporary pair for Halloween? If you decide you like the look, you can seek a more permanent solution. Or not. Probably not.

Ask your dentist (and/or your parents) for real advice!

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