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2 New Year’s Resolution Videos: 50 Great Ideas!

These two pro YouTubers got together to offer 50 – count ’em, 50! – New Year’s resolutions guaranteed to make your life better in 2017. 50 sounds like a lot but – hey – each of them only does 25 – easier to digest. Enjoy! 50...

Olympics Athletes Health Quiz – We Dare Ya!

Many of the the world’s greatest athletes aren’t all that healthy. Test your Olympics knowledge to uncover who’s got what, and marvel at their bravery and fortitude! [playbuzz-item...

Three Kinds of Frenectomy: “A What??”

Did you know? A simple in-office procedure can help solve health and cosmetic problems, from sleep disordered breathing to impaired speech to gapped teeth. Learn about the benefits of a frenectomy. The word frenectomy sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Actually, a...
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