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If you avoid eating, or adding, spices to your food, think again! Many spices are considered “super-foods” – chock full of antioxidants and other healthy ingredients.

In ancient times, Egyptians took to trading spices for use in mummification (what a waste?). European explorers wanted them for preventing spoilage, and in some cases, for hiding the fact that food was rancid.

Today, we treasure spices for the flavor, but spices can also add a a healthy edge to the foods we eat. Take hot chili peppers, for example…

Study Suggests Health Benefits from Spicy Food | CBS News

The Hidden Benefits in Your Spice Cabinet | DNews

Our friends at DNews rounded up a few of the most popular healthy spices to explain the benefits. This video may just inspire you to spice up your next recipe!

Turmeric Health Benefits | Alina Alive

We focus on turmeric here because it seems like such a winner for our bodies! Blogger Alina tells us all the right reasons to include this fantastic spice in our diets. She’s a firecracker! Watch and enjoy…

Health Benefits of Garlic | Ann Kulze

Who doesn’t love garlic? It’s a taste sensation, and a natural health powerhouse. Here’s amateur video blogger Ann Kulze with some tips on preparing garlic for maximum health-boost effects.

Healthiest Spices To Use | Healthguru

Registered dietitian, Martha McKittrick, adds a few more spices to the pot, that can make a positive impact on your health.

Well, there’s our collection of spicy videos to help you get healthier! Add spices to your Holiday meals, or any meals, and see the difference they can make. Bon Appétit and Santé ! 

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