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Your hair can give away your age, if you let it. Grey, thinning wisps will do you no favors, especially when swept back, revealing wrinkles and sags. Tight-curled perms don’t help either, as they date back to a bygone fashion.

But sweep your hair forward in a fringe, and you’ll look years younger. Here are five magic tricks a fringe can do for you.

1. A fringe hides the grey.

The hair nearest the scalp tends to go grey first, so when you sweep your hair forward, the more colourful top layers will cover the greyer parts. Greying also tends to start at the temples and hairline, so when you brush the central, top-of-head locks forward, you conceal those greyest areas.

2. A full fringe looks thick and glossy.

By sweeping your hair forward from the top of your head, you’ll gather a thick wad of it, giving an impression of strong, youthful hair, even if it’s actually thinning. The weight of that wad will smooth out any wispy frizz, providing a glossy sheen instead.

3. A fringe shows up the eyes.

A fringe provides a frame for the eyes – key features of your face. When people look at you, the fringe will draw them to your bright, lively eyes and their ageless irises.

Even if they fade with age, your eyes will retain their beauty and eloquence, so let your hair do them credit. When attention is drawn to your eyes, it is drawn away from less flattering features, such as sags and wrinkles below.

Here are some great fringe cuts for 2017 from!

4. A fringe conceals worry lines.

A fringe will conceal your frown and worry lines, and all the years of stress and strain they reflect. The smooth sweep of hair over your forehead will convey the exact opposite impression – one of calm serenity.

If your eyebrows are thinning or graying, you might like to grow your fringe long enough to cover them, too. Bear in mind, though, that eyebrows can add expression to your face and bring out your personality. If in doubt, try it long and ask friends for their opinion on the matter.

If you taper your fringe down over your temples and cut it close around the eyes, you will also conceal your laugh lines. Again, though, you might prefer to keep them on show, to reflect the warmth of your personality.

5. A fringe is a youthful style

You probably had a fringe as a young child, as so many children do, and you may have kept it into adulthood, too. You often see teens and young adults with a forelock or more falling casually over their foreheads. It’s a debonair style, allowing a glimpse of the eyes while providing a little mystery as well.

Whatever the latest hair styling fashions, the fringe always has its place. As the hair thins and weakens, a fringe can be harder to present, but a little care and skill can sort that problem.

With your hair freshly washed, you can train it to do anything with the help of a comb and dryer. Add a bounce and some height to your fringe by brushing it backwards to dry. Just watch how it springs up and over when you comb it forward into place.

Every hair type is different, as is every face, and you may find a different style works better for you. But if you’re trying to knock the years off your looks, you can’t go wrong with a fringe.

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