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To many people, smartphones and tablets can cause more harm than good. Mobile technology, they feel, has turned kids and adults into shallow drones whose sole purpose is to feed their personal information to data-hungry companies that just want to sell them more stuff.

To prove that smartphones can do more than just that, here are 2017’s hottest apps to help you become a happier, healthier, more fulfilled person. (Uhhh, no guarantees on that.)

We cover the spectrum – from brain enhancement to fitness to relaxation, organization and more. Choose the apps that are right for your lifestyle. Ready? Set. Tap!

Life-Enhancing App Cocktail

Boston-based strength coach and bestselling author (or so he claims), David de las Morenas of How To Beast reveals the five personal development apps that have changed his life. Take a look…


  1. Grid Diary for a daily journal to stay focused
  2. Head Space for meditation to stay calm
  3. Audible for reading/listening to, yes, more self-help books
  4. Wunderlist for productivity
  5. myfitnesspal for, you guessed it, staying fit

Fit As A Fiddle

Using a smartphone or tablet to make you more fit is now ubiquitous. But the sheer number of fitness app choices can be overwhelming. That’s why video blogger, MrMobile, a.k.a., Michael Fisher, surveyed some trusted bloggers to tell you about their favorite fitness apps. Start jogging, everyone!


  1. FitStar Yoga
  2. MyFitnessPal
  3. Lifesum – The Health Movement
  4. Stop Breathe & Think
  5. S Health
  6. Polar Flow
  7. Ingress

“A Better You” With These Three Apps

If your living and working environment is taking a toll on your mind and brain, check out three self-improvement apps recommended by The List TV Show‘s Lindsey Granger. You’ll be good as new! (Uhhh, perhaps…)


  1. AntiSocial personal for checking overuse of your smartphone
  2. Lumosity – the famous mental exercise platform to keep brain function at its best
  3. Calm – for meditation, relaxation and managing stress

There You Have It!

We could go on, but there are over a dozen apps here for you to explore. And for them to work for you, you actually have to use them. Next time you’re on your phone, reach for one of these life-changing apps. Happy Tapping!

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