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If you are one of the many women who have fine hair, you know that styling it can be a real struggle.

Wearing it down can become an all-day attempt to discreetly fluff and ruffle your hair in the hopes of making it look full. Even up-dos are more of a challenge, requiring some serious work to avoid looking limp and lifeless.

You may think you have to wear your fine hair short, but while you’d most likely rock a shorter style, with a little finesse, you can wear it long, too! Check out these hacks for keeping long, fine hair looking luscious.

Dry Shampoo

It isn’t just for refreshing second-day hair – it also works wonders as a styling product! Not only will it keep your hair fresh and clean without the slickness of freshly shampooed hair – and give your roots a slight grip – dry shampoo will also create a texturing effect that boosts overall volume.

It’s demo time! Join celebrity hair stylist, Jacqueline Bush, for HowcastCareStyle, as she shows you the right way to use dry shampoo for volumizing hair.


Clip-In Extensions

They’re easy, low maintenance, and commitment-free. Take them out whenever you want, or leave them in all day – the choice is yours!

There are plenty of affordable options out there that can help you achieve the thick-haired look you crave. Check in with video blogger, Kayy Deanne, for a video clip – on the clip!


Hair Powder

Similar to dry shampoo, but with more of an intense mattifying and texturing affect, it’s a must-have for fine hair. Dry hair powder is sprinkled at the roots, then gently rubbed in for major volume and grip. It’s like backcombing without all the tangles and knots!

Hair powder also creates enough grip for up-dos if your hair is too slippery to stay put on its own. Want a demo? Here’s video blogger, Mattie Roberts, to show you how it works…


Curls, Crimps & Waves. Oh My!

The plus side of having fine hair is that you can do big curls without your hair looking overly huge. Plus, fine hair is generally easier with an iron as it takes less heat to achieve curls and waves.

Try using a micro-crimper at the hair roots for some extra height. Don’t know how? Introducing professional advice-giver, Maggie Daniel, on the right way to micro-crimp…


Heat-Less Curls and Waves. Cool!

Want extra volume without the heat damage? Try going heat-less. Make waves by loosely braiding or French braiding your hair overnight. You can also make big, “undone” curls by winding your hair in a tight bun for a great look in the morning.

For an example of how this is done, sit back and watch video blogger, Lilith Moon, as she does her own version of overnight, heat-less styling.



When done gently and sparingly, this time-tested technique can look polished and natural. For maximum volume, hold the section of hair to be teased straight up while backcombing, not out to the side. Gently smooth over the top layers with a brush, and you’ve got a perfect base for an up-do, or keep it down for a natural, simple look.

Correct teasing methods can be a challenge. Here’s video blogger, Kelly Strack, with advice on how to bring more life to your hair with a tease!

So, if you want to rock long hair, but don’t know how to make it work with your fine locks, try these tips before throwing in the towel. You may be surprised at how much volume you can create by using a few simple tricks. Happy styling!

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