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Why walk around with grubby nails that no one really wants you to touch them with? You need a manicure! This video starter kit introduces the “art of the nail” to the uninformed. Improve your teeth, your figure, your face – don’t forget your fingertips! Here we go…

Perfect Manicure Secrets | Tati

Video blogger, Tati, who calls herself a “glam life guru” (you guessed it, she’s from Hollywood) covers topics like, refreshing you manicure without removing the old polish, removing old polish the easier way, and more! Check it out! (Men, you’re next – scroll down!)


How To Give Yourself A MANicure | alpha m.

Manicures are not just for women, anymore. This very solid video (it’s a little draggy at the beginning) gives men a great visual on turning sloppy uñas into great uñas (that’s Spanish for fingernails). Enjoy!


How to Choose a Quality Nail Salon | Amy

So, guy or gal, you want to take the plunge and pay for a manicure? The video blogger, known simply as Amy, gives us a quick guide to picking the salon you’ll go to for life (or at least until the landlord raises their rent).


Men Get Manicures for the First Time | BuzzFeedYellow

Typical manicure-newbie guys going to a manicure salon. This video doesn’t teach you much, but it’s amusing and fun. Watch and be amazed!


10 French Tip Manicure designs that aren’t boring | Simply Nailogical

A wide range of amazing artwork composed right on your fingernails! We’d normally say, “Don’t try this at home,” but you’re supposed to try this at home.


“Freak” your friends, “satisfy” your significant other and “wow” your work colleagues (and if you live in New York, give people the finger with style!) Get the manicure.

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