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So you want the coolest look for your new pair of glasses or shades? You’re in luck! Never before have there been so many frame and style choices than there are today. But just how does a person go about selecting the perfect pair?

Our crack editors combed the World Wide Web for videos that can possibly steer you in the right direction. Here are seven of them. Take a look! (Get it? “Look”? Yes, that was corny. OK, sorry.)

Video #1 — Learning the fundamentals.

A time-saving way to choose eyeglasses frames is to know the Four F‘s: Frame Fundamentals of Face Fit”. (OK, we made that up just now. It’s not really a “thing”. Catchy, though…) So, here’s a nice little video from the folks at Groupon on the basics of frame fit.

Video #2: Spec out the right color.

Video bloggers, Brooke and Summer, a.k.a, Girls With Glasses, give a slapdash, but entertaining, overview of color choices for your next pair.

Video #3: Hey guys, it’s your turn…

How do the experts choose frames? Eye wear designer, Garret Leight, offers his take on the right look for these diverse faces in this GQ production.

Video #4: Expert covers frame fit at the frame store.

Join eyeglass expert, Amanda Browder, as she trick out folks with fashion frames. Fun!

Video #5: Show me “Shades”!

Sunglasses are a slightly different animal from the regular kind and demand a bit different, well, shade. Here’s video channel, Bright Side, with their take on how to pick the perfect specs for the sun…

Video #6: Do glasses make men sexier?

Not a question we ask ourselves every day, but as long as we’re on the subject … here’s a vid from MovieCarScene with 23 celebrity side-by-sides. You be da judge…

Video #7: And how about the ladies?

Sexier or not sexier? You again be da judge as you view this video from the people at CRAZY

Time to shop!

OK. Now that you’ve got a better feel for the right frame choices, we urge you to get out there and shop till you drop — or at least till you can see better. Good luck!

And remember to visit your eye care professional first, for the perfect lenses prescription!

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