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“Be patient and it will eventually grow in,” they say. This is usually true, with facial hair becoming longer and thicker with age.

However, some men struggle to grow beards regardless of age. If this sounds familiar, try the following tips to make your beard grow faster.

#1) Favor Thyself With A Face Massage.

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In addition to feeling good, a facial massage can stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation. When you massage your face, more blood is pumped to that area. Oxygen and nutrients are transported directly to the base of your hair follicles, encouraging faster and healthier growth.

There’s really no wrong way to give yourself a facial massage. Using your preferred oil — olive, coconut, eucalyptus, etc. — gently massage your cheeks, chin and neck in circular movements. Doing this once or twice a day will set you on the right path for a longer, thicker beard. Hint: It’s even better when someone else massages your face, but you already knew that…

#2) Relax, Man, Ree-lax.

Stress affects the body in many ways, including slowing down the rate at which facial hair grows. The human body responds to stress by producing and releasing cortisol.

Dubbed the “stress hormone,” cortisol has been shown to depress testosterone, which is good for facial hair growth.

If you want your beard to grow faster, try and manage your stress level. Of course, this isn’t always easy, especially for chronic stress sufferers. However, you can often curb stress by avoiding stress triggers, maintaining a positive outlook, and engaging in deep breathing techniques and regular exercise.

#3) Get Sleep, Or At Least Try.

The amount of sleep you get can affect the rate at which your beard grows. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medication Association (JAMA), young, healthy men whose sleep was restricted for a full week to less than five hours had 10% to 15% lower testosterone levels than their counterparts who slept a normal seven to eight hours. Lower testosterone means, facial hair will grow slower and thinner.

Aim for a minimum of seven hours of sleep to promote a fast-growing beard. If you suffer from insomnia or any other type of sleep disorder, try to get into a schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. If that doesn’t work, talk with your doctor, sleep dentist or sleep specialist to learn more about available therapeutic options.

#4) Feed Your Testosterone Need.

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Perhaps the cause of your slow-growing beard is poor nutrition. Again, this goes back to the link between male hormones — like testosterone and DHT — and facial hair. Eating the wrong foods restricts your body’s ability to produce and regulate male hormones, which in turn slows down the rate at which your beard grows.

So, what foods can help facilitate male hormone production? Here’s a short list of the top candidates:

  • Oysters
  • Baby spinach
  • Eggs
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Tuna
  • Nuts
  • Ginger root
  • Beef
  • Mushrooms

#5) Quit The Habit, Dude.

Smoking doesn’t necessarily result in lower testosterone levels, but it can still have a negative effect on beard growth. Studies show that smoking impairs circulation and reduces blood flow to the hair follicles’ roots.

If you currently smoke, take the necessary steps to kick the habit. Aside from the profoundly positive impact this will have on your health, it can also help you grow a beard!

#6) Run Like Yer Life Depended On It!

Of course, exercising is another way to promote elevated levels of testosterone and faster beard growth. Not all types of exercise offer the same testosterone-boosting benefits, however.

Endurance and resistance training, for instance, is generally more effective than cardio. So, focus your workout sessions around weightlifting to make your beard grow faster.

#6) “I Said, Doctor, Mr. MD”

Possibly seek help from your doctor. Some guys suffer from chronically low testosterone, resulting in a lack of facial hair.

If your body isn’t producing enough testosterone, your doctor may recommend injections or topical applications. However, this requires constant monitoring to ensure your levels aren’t too high, either.

#7) Beard Transplant? What?

Yes, it is possible to transplant hair from other parts of the body to the facial area, yielding a much fuller beard! If you really want to fill those patchy areas, safe, effective transplant procedures may be the way to go.

Following any or all of these tips could help you get the beard you’ve always wanted!

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