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We’ve added to our collection! Here are some great clips, classic and new, that have something to do with the world of dentistry. Hold onto your teeth, here we go!

Showing Off At The Dentist | Jason Hewlett | DRYBAR

The whole thing about Jason is this facial expression (if you can call it that) Watch him describe his personal experience with his kids teeth, his own teeth and the shock and awe he inspired at the dentist.

The Dr. Dan Show | A to Z Entertainment

Believe it or not, we found this dentist offering himself out as a comedian, and guess what — his act actually has some teeth! Check it out…

To Hell With Flossing | Norm McDonald | Late Night with Conan O’brien

As you may know, Norm was a cast member of SNL and also an offbeat comedian. We’ll miss you, Norm.

Matt LeBlanc Did His Own Dental Work Before “Friends” | Conan

Being broke often drives people to take extreme measures. Hear how, as a young, poor actor, Matt LeBlanc, took his need for cosmetic dental treatment into his own hands. Don’t do this at home!

Dental Mental | Classic Mr. Bean

Remember the old Rowan Atkinson show, Mr. Bean?  Let’s join him as he makes an absolutely disastrous visit to the dentist.

Peter’s Trip To The Dentist | Peter Kay

Watch this hysterical bit from British comedian, Peter Kay, about his own dental experience. Funny stuff!

Jenny Slate’s Pot Smoking Led Her To “Hot” Dentist | Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jenny’s pitch-perfect story about her encounter with a “hot” dentist is very entertaining. Let’s watch…

The Dentist | The Carol Burnett Show

Last but not least, this sketch is perhaps one of the funniest dental routines in TV history!  Watch Tim Conway (the dentist) and Harvey Korman (the patient) go at it…

Well, that’s another installment of Best Dental Comedy. Remember, a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be side-splitting – if you visit regularly. Make an appointment today!

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