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You’ve got thin or thinning hair. You want to minimize that “what’s wrong with this picture” appearance and tame your mane to look fuller. What’s a guy or gal to do?

Generally, giving fine hair volume and body can be achieved by choosing a hairstyle and cut that emphasize fullness, while helping hide the thin patches. Here are some suggestions…

Haircuts that cut it for thinning hair

To increase the appearance of volume to your hair, avoid haircuts that are long and straight. Cut your hair in a style that will help lift it, rather than weigh it down, and add texture and body.

Shoulder length or shorter is less likely to be as flat and heavy as hair that is long. A bob haircut with bangs can help make thinning hair look thicker, as can a layered look. Texture cut into hair can also help reduce the appearance of thinness. A short urchin or pixie cut, razor finished at the ends to create a jagged edge, can make thin hair appear fuller.

Hair styling methods

How you style your hair will make a great difference in how thick it looks. For example, to increase the appearance of fullness and body for a bob haircut, some believe you should rub your wet hair with a towel after washing it, and before finishing the drying process, hang your head down towards your knees and use a hairdryer for the roots of your hair.

Ladies, join video blogger, Erin Elizabeth, for some simple styles for thinning hair. (Guys, we didn’t forget you, see below!)

OK, gentlemen, it’s your turn, with video blogger, Robin James, for some thinning hair hacks…

Hair products for thinning hair

There are various hair products you can use to help make thinning hair appear thicker. Hair thickening lotions can help, as can products that help hair stay in place once styled that add body. Ask your hair care expert for a recommendation.

In a nutshell, you can minimize the appearance of thinning hair by adopting a haircut that lifts, rather than dragging down hair, and styling your hair to create volume. All it takes is a little imagination and some expert advice! Alternatively, seek the help of a hair replacement professional!

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