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If you’re looking to get your body moving while in captivity this month, nothing tops a good workout video or two.

We searched YouTube high and low to bring you the best (we could find) workout channels in their respective categories. Take a look at our choices and pick the one that eats the muffin top!

Oh and just the legal stuff:

No. 1: Our recommendations to watch or use any YouTube channel or other media are not meant as professional medical advice or advice of any kind. Work out with these videos at your own risk, and please consult your physician to determine what exercises are correct for your specific physical condition.

No. 2: We do not endorse any paid products or services offered by the makers of these videos. Our focus is discovering publicly available, free media. Purchase paid products at your own risk.

OK, we said what we had to say – now for the videos. Let’s get working!

1. FITNESS BLENDER – Multi-Level Workouts Just for You!

This happy couple (hopefully), Daniel and Kelly, have produced scads of exercise videos for every level of fitness, and have millions of followers. Check out their channel and see what you think! Here’s their intro video, below. The heading, above, will take you to their YouTube home page.

2. YOGA WITH KASSANDRA | Yoga for All Levels

If you never got into yoga before, why not now? Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can ease the stress from this strange situation we all find ourselves in. And all you need is a yoga mat. We like Kassandra’s relaxed, professional approach. Give it a stretch!

3. LIVE ANABOLIC | For Men 30+ (No Heart Attacks, Please)

Hey guys, still looking to build your body and be stronger? Let Mark and Gary help you with these punched up workouts. Please take it slow and go at your own pace.

4. SENIOR FITNESS WITH MEREDITH | Like It Says, for Seniors

We really like Meredith’s laid back, reassuring approach to fitness. Nice and relaxed. Lots of videos for in-home workouts, with little equipment required.

5. LITTLE SPORTS | Simple Short Workouts For Your Kids (and You)

We looked at tons of kids workout channels, and many of them try too hard, are confusing, or too corny to be believed. If you want a straight up, easy workout for your kids, this is a great tool. Here’s a sample…

Well, those are our picks for home workout programs that can keep you fit if you stick with them. If not of them suit your needs, just hop over to YouTube and find the right program for you and/or your family.

Happy Working Out!

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