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While a dog may be man’s best friend, we’re not so sure the opposite is true. Man’s obsession with breeding dogs “just so” has produced a smorgasbord of health problems for the pooch population. Watch these three videos and learn what you can do!

Why This Dog Needed Surgery To Breathe | worldstudio

Inbreeding bulldogs is a classic example of humans tampering with canine traits, and thus, creating problems. Here’s a short video that appeared on BBC’s website recently.


Pudgy the Pug Has Trouble Breathing | Animal Planet

Inbreeding isn’t the only thing humans do to their pets to cause them to be unhealthy. Check out this quick case in point.


The Bizarre Truth About Purebred Dogs (and Why Mutts Are Better) – Adam Ruins Everything

This frank video examines why purebreds were a bad idea in the first place, and why adopting a mutt is so much better for the canine species. Funny video, but no-so-funny!


We hope these videos help shed some light on dogs like bulldogs and pugs, and purebreds in general. But also, be aware of breathing problems you and your children may have! If you or a loved one snores, or is tired during the day, speak to your dentist or other sleep professional!

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