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Some people bruise with the slightest bump – and the bruises seem to take forever to heal.

Easy bruising is usually nothing to worry about, although in some cases, it can be a sign of a serious health issues. What might cause you to bruise easily and should you be concerned? Let’s take a look…

What’s A Bruise, Anyway?

When you bump into something or get hit in the arm or a leg, it damages the capillaries that lie just beneath the surface of the skin. When these tiny vessels are traumatized, they leak blood into the surrounding tissue causing a discolored area to form.

Easy bruising becomes more common with age because the tissue that surrounds the capillaries becomes thinner – which means less protection for the delicate capillaries. Thin, elderly people, and anyone having smaller amounts of subcutaneous fat, are particularly susceptible to bruising because they have so little fatty tissue to cushion and protect their blood vessels.

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Other Reasons Why People Bruise Easily

Vitamin K is involved in the clotting process, so people who are deficient in this vitamin may also be easy bruisers.

Certain medications increase the risk of developing an ugly bruise. Blood thinners such as Coumadin, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, such as as aspirin are the most common culprits. These medications alter the activity of clotting factors and platelets that help to stop bleeding.

Some supplements such as garlic, ginger, fish oils, and ginkgo cause easy bruising – and stopping these supplements may eliminate the problem. Steroid medications used to treat asthma or inflammatory diseases also increase the risk of bruising because they “thin out” the skin which further exposes the capillaries to trauma.

“Easy to Bruise” People Are Often Light Skinned

Some people don’t really bruise easily, but bruises are more obvious on them because they’re fair skinned. A big, dark bruise against pale skin looks pretty dramatic and can cause anxiety even if it’s a garden variety bruise.

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When Easy Bruising is Serious

If you’re easy to bruise, it can, occasionally, be a sign of a serious illness. A low platelet count or deficiencies in blood clotting factors may be the cause in some cases. Some of these deficiencies are genetic, while others can be due to illnesses ranging from infections to cancer.

Any time bruises appear without trauma or are associated with easy bruising and fatigue, or bleeding from other sites such as the mouth or nose, blood tests are needed to check for more serious causes.

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The Bottom Line on Easy Bruises

Easy bruising becomes more common with age, and is more noticeable on people with light skin. It usually doesn’t indicate a serious medical problem, although blood tests may be needed to make sure the body is producing enough platelets and that no other cause for the bruising exists.

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