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If missing teeth are preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest, don’t panic!

Dentures can often be a great solution for missing teeth. Yet many people have concerns about them. These concerns can be eliminated with the right information. Take a look…

Not Your Grandmother’s Dentures

You may worry that you will not be able to wear dentures and that without your natural teeth you will never want to open your mouth again. You may wonder if you can eat normally with an artificial appliance in your mouth, or that your smile will forever be diminished.

Those fears and misgivings are perfectly natural, but there is good news on the denture front. Compared to the old style dentures your parents and grandparents wore, modern dentures are far more comfortable, much more durable and better looking than ever before. The natural look of today’s dentures means that others may never know you are wearing them!

The Importance of Expert Fitting

Denture Wearer

While modern dentures are designed to mimic natural teeth almost perfectly, that does not mean that all dentures are created equal. You will still need a great dentist, one who understands how to fit your dentures properly.

In fact, you cannot overstate the importance of an expert fitting. If you want to retain your natural-looking smile, you will need to work with your dentist while he or she takes measurements of your mouth. You will need to point out any deficiencies or areas of discomfort, and you will need to be an active partner through the entire process.

Here’s a nice amateur video from John Cox recounting his experience with new dentures…

Proper Care and Maintenance

Getting your dentures is just the beginning – it is essential to care for your new teeth properly. Dental care is just as crucial for denture wearers as it is for everyone else, so be sure to talk to your doctor about how best to maintain them.

Dentures are softer than natural teeth, so brushing them with traditional toothpaste could result in tiny scratches that diminish your natural smile. Your dentist can recommend a quality cleanser explicitly designed for dentures so that you can care for them the right way from the start.

Here’s a great video from Howdini/Fixodent that teaches first-time denture wearers to get the most out of their new teeth.

 Regular Checkups and Adjustments

Once your dentures are in place, and you are comfortable with wearing them, you may think regular dental visits are a thing of the past. But if you want to keep your smile looking white and bright, you should follow up with your dentist and listen to what they have to say.

Regular checkups will still be important, even once you have your dentures in place. Your dentist can spot early warning signs of ill-fitting or misaligned appliances, and make adjustments to keep you comfortable and protect your oral health. So, do not wait until there is a problem – see your dentist regularly for follow-up fittings and necessary adjustments.

In a nutshell…

Being told you might need dentures can be disconcerting and even upsetting, especially for a young person. Don’t let anxiety stop you from getting the help you need. Again, modern dentures are far better, easier to fit and much more durable than those made years ago. Just as importantly, current dentures are designed to look natural.

So don’t fear your dentures – just enjoy them!

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