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In this fast-paced, high-pressured world, the goal of raising happy, productive, well-acclimated children has never seemed more challenging.

We’ve scoured the Web for great advice, and now present five videos that can really help you navigate that parenting thing. So here we go…

How to Raise a Happy Child | Kids In The House

Happiness expert, Dr. Christine Carter, starts us off with a concept that is really the bedrock of successful child-rearing – Happiness. Let’s watch…

Parenting Tips | 5 Ways to Raise Confident Kids | Rivka Malka Perlman

After happiness, self-confidence is one of the signs of a wonderful kid. But just how to build confidence in children is a mystery to most parents. Rivka Malka Perlman presents some strategies that are smart, and possibly counter-intuitive. She’s also really charming.

How to Get Your Child to Listen and Behave | Childrens MD

Children often repeat behaviors that you don’t want them to. Here’s Dr. Dehra Harris, a pediatric psychiatrist with Washington University at St. Louis Children’s Hospital to briefly tell you how to make it stop…

Why Kids Lie and How to End It Now! | Bryan Post

This video’s an oldie (2005), but a goodie. Child expert, Bryan Post, gives you his sure-fire formula for bringing out the honest gene in kids, once and for all. We like it.

Can Teens Cope Without Their Smartphones? | Channel 4 U.K.

We cannot speak about parenthood without speaking about smartphones. This report showed an impromptu experiment where teen girls were removed of their smartphones for 48 hours (can you imagine?). We think the lesson here is, don’t be afraid to limit your child’s smartphone usage. In the end, they’ll be better off for it when you do.

Regardless what these experts tells us, we as parents are in the driver’s seat and must navigate the proper path. For the future success and happiness of our children, let’s do more of what is right, and not what is easy. Just sayin’… 🙂

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