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Looking to brighten your smile for those two-hour Zoom calls? “Filling the gap” with a dental implant can make a lot of sense.

For thousand of people, the decision to get a dental implant has more than paid for itself – but it’s important to know as much as you can about them before walking into a dentist’s office.

Here are four valuable videos to get you in the know about dental implants. Take a bite out of educating yourself. (OK, was that too corny?) Let’s watch!

Dental Implant Procedure Options and Costs | Teeth Talk Girl

Join vlogger and registered dental hygienist, Whitney, for a nice review of dental implants. She’s quite fun to watch, and you may learn a thing or two. Say “Hi” to Whitney!

Dental Implants: How Does Bone Augmentation Work?

Not everybody who elects to have a dental implant is “eligible” right out of the box. For some, there may not enough jaw bone to support an implant. Learn how bone augmentation therapy can help restore your smile.

How It Works? Dental Implants

Dio is a dental implant system maker that has produced a really nice series of videos about – you guessed it  the process of implantation. Take a gander just to get a great visual representation of how dental implantology works. No gory stuff, promise!

AskUNMC: Dental Implant Life Expectancy

One thing many people are concerned about is: Just how long can one expect a dental implant to last? This video may put your mind at ease.

We hope you got something out of these videos. But the ultimate authority is your very own dentist. Visit us soon for a consultation!

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