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If someone you know wants to tell you a few corny jokes, you’re likely to hesitate, but then once they get started, it brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it?

Here are some real teeth-related groaners that may just put a smile on your face and a lift in your step. Enjoy!

Question: Why did the dentist become a baseball coach?

Answer: Because he knows the drill!

Question: Know what dentists call their beloved X-RAYS?

Answer: Tooth-Pics, of course!

Question: What did the dentist give to the marching band?

Answer: A tuba toothpaste! (Whoa!)

Did you hear? The dentist and the manicurist got into a real tiff...

Yeah. They argued tooth and nail!

Question: What did the dentist shout out to the golfer?

Answer: "Hey, you got a hole in one!"

I heard some toothbrush decided to go to school...

Yeah, it wanted to brush up on its skills!

Question: What do you call a dentist who has no taste for tea?

Answer: Denis!

Question: Hey, know why this young deer needed braces?

Answer: Because he had buck teeth!

Question: Why did the dentist bring a pencil into an appointment?

Answer: To draw out the pain! (Oh my, that's corny.)

If you have any questions or concerns about your teeth, please remember to ask us at your next appointment.  Cheers, and keep smiling!

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