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You bought some new casual clothes, got your teeth cleaned at the dentist and practiced your best lines in the mirror. The big question: How should you behave on your next date? We scoured the Web for the most profound advice on dating etiquette in a digital world. Here are our favorites.

It’s a different world than it was even 10 years ago. The Web, social media and texting have created a speed dating culture where decisions about the attractiveness and suitability of a person are made in seconds, not hours, and quite often, not in person, either. All this digital dating behavior seems to have altered what people think they should do, or not do, on a real in-person date. Or has it? Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice for successful dating.

Don’t lie on your dating profile

“Although lying is as commonplace as chewing gum, and as old as time itself, don’t lie about anything on your online dating profile … Beginning a relationship where lies are already present means it is doomed from the start … As they say, the truth always comes out in the end. Avoid the hurt and be true to yourself.”

Put Your Damn Phone Away –

“Unless you’re waiting for your best friend to give birth because you know she’s in labor or there’s some other dire emergency, put the phone away. All your friends know where you are, so if you don’t get back ASAP to a text, they’ll understand. You want to make sure your date knows that they have your full attention. If your phone is out and you’re not texting, you’re conveying to them that something else is way more important.”

Don’t Drink Too Much. –

“First of all, if the man is paying, he will pay for all your drinks, which will quickly add up on the bill. Secondly, you don’t want to come off as though you have a drinking problem, which may be a red flag for the man. Most importantly, you need to make sure you are thinking straight. If you are out on a first date with a man you do not know, you do not want to make yourself vulnerable…”

Establish boundaries –

“Be careful to not share too much on a first date. This isn’t an arranged marriage; you’ll have second and third dates to share more. Be clear about physical boundaries if he’s over-eager. Sex on a first date is never, ever a good idea.”

Don’t Express Feelings Through A Text Message –

“How are men and women supposed to know each other’s intentions when words are sprawled across a computer screen without any emotional impact? The Internet utilizes phrases like “lol” for “Laughing Out Loud,” but do they have a phrase for “This is actually a heartfelt message.”? Plus, how romantic is it to receive a first “I love you” through a text message? (If you couldn’t tell by the tone of my font, I was being sarcastic).”

DON’T ask your date, “Can we do this again?” –

“Three things can happen here: your date says ‘Yes,’ you get rejected point blank, or your date lies to your face. This is a high-pressure question—so avoid it! What you should say, whether you want to see someone again or not, is, ‘Thanks for meeting up with me.’ You are welcome to add anything else on to that, if it’s nice, such as, ‘This was a lot of fun,’ or, ‘I really enjoyed our conversation.’ In short, no planning the next date while on your current date.”

Don’t take yourself off the market prematurely – Women’s Health

“‘Until you and the guy you’re seeing mutually decide to be exclusive, there’s no reason to turn down other dates,’ says [Chiara Atik, an expert with online dating and relationship site], ‘It’s actually smart to see other people because it keeps the pressure and expectations surrounding one person from getting out of control.'”

Listen to your inner voice –

“If you’re wondering whether you’ve got enough in common, are truly attracted or have chemistry, most likely, this is a sign that you and your partner aren’t compatible. Be careful not to discount red flags and doubts just because it feels so good to be in the throes of passion. You may waste time in a sub-par relationship trying to make something work that just won’t.”

Here’s a favorite video on whether men should pay the tab on a first date. Judging by the example, the jury is still out on this topic…

Bad Dating Advice: Why Men SHOULDN’T Pay For The First Date | Ranker


In sum, many experts advise us to mix old-fashioned politeness with the new-fangled realities fast-paced technology. The way to achieve this is through experience, patience and keeping an open mind. Be vigilant, be polite, and have fun!

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