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Are you satisfied with your smile? It seems that every celebrity has a perfect, dazzling set of teeth, but few people in the real world are that lucky.

Even with the best dental care, teeth can become stained and damaged over the years, leading to a smile that might easily cause some insecurity. And if you’re scared to smile, you just might not smile too often.

Somewhere, out there…

The dentistry marketplace abounds with solutions to give you a brighter smile. These include dental crowns, in-home and in-office whitening, mouthwashes and toothpastes, and home remedies, many of them questionable. It is often best to consult with your dentist, to decide on the best strategy, given the current condition of your smile and your budget.

One option to seriously consider is the dental veneer. Veneers are thin, customized slivers of ceramic, porcelain or other material that your dentist affixes to your existing teeth. Think of them as the dental equivalent to faux fingernails.

Dental veneers do a number of things very well…

  • Match the color of the treated tooth to your other teeth
  • Hide stains that degrade your smile
  • Cover up chips and other cosmetic damage

How does it work?

Fitting dental veneers is a simpler procedure compared with dental crowns. It usually takes just two visits to the dentist.

In the first appointment, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth, and use color guides to find the desired shade. The dentist’s lab then uses the molds and information to fashion the veneers. Once completed, the dentist can permanently affix them to your teeth using a safe, effective adhesive.

The veneers are then shaped to create the look you want. There is little or no discomfort, no dangerous chemicals, and a lot less expense than other whitening treatments.

Ask your dentist about dental veneers!

There are circumstances where veneers might not be the right solution. Veneers cannot be applied to teeth that are unhealthy, for example. Consult with your dentist to find out the others.

If you’re looking for a more consistent smile, improved smile, ask us about dental veneers. They just might produce the results you are seeking.

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