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Here’s a question: On average, when you interact with other people, do you find yourself apologizing for almost everything you do or say? Or, are you the type that almost never apologizes?

Our editors scoured the Web for answers to the age-old question of when to say you’re sorry. Here are some videos that explore The Art of the Apology. Let’s watch and learn…

When You Apologize Too Much | BuzzFeedViolet

Let’s start on a lighter note as two young women debate the issue over lunch.


How Constantly Apologizing Destroys Your Self-Esteem | Isaiah Hankel

This video blogger offer some straight talk about apologizing too much, and the number it does on your self-esteem. He’s a bit long-winded, but the man has a point! Take a listen.


Why and How to Say Sorry | The School of Life

This poignant video explores the apology from the opposite side – teaching yourself to accept responsibility for things you may have done wrong, and say you’re sorry. Great animation, very artful and poetic.


Funniest Baby Struggles To Say “I’m Sorry” | Zach Thomas

Some people are just so clever at avoiding apologies for things they may have done wrong. Training themselves to do this often starts at a very young age – like in this case.

…Remind you of anyone?

So there you have it. Knowing when to say you’re sorry – not too much and not too little. It’s tough to do, but when you get it right, people will respect you more, and you’ll respect yourself more.

Go forth and apologize, Grasshopper! (but not too often…)


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