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People love our fashion trends compilations – perfect for inspiring a new look for yourself or your love ones! This month, we focus on fresh female fashion, eye-catching eyewear, mammoth menswear, and kool kidswear! Videos were chosen because they’re informative, but also because, well, they’re fun to watch. Ready to get inspired for the upcoming season? Here we go!

Women’s Fashion Trends | Fashion + Accessories + How to Wear | Justine Leconte

Ladies, confused by all those fashion trends out there? Designer and video blogger, Justine Leconte, presents a very “organized” view of ladies fashion trends you will enjoy.


DON’T FORGET … A new you should also include a visit to the dentist, a health checkup, better diet, more sleep and exercise!

Fashion Week Eyewear | SmartBuyGlasses

They say glasses make you look smarter. So take a look at these new looks in eye wear that made it to New York’s Fashion Week – for the smarter, smarter look.


Menswear Via Milan | Fashion Channel

The fashion channel points to specific “looks” that dominated the runway in Milan earlier this year. They include Pajama, Army, Navy, Oriental, and the must-have Backpack. All this stuff looks a little extreme to our American eyes, but hey – this is Italy! Take a look…


Women’s Fall Winter 2016 | Elite Model Look International

Elite categorized looks seen at Fashion Week by five main categories – Pretty Punk, Candy Colors, Dark Romance, Gothic Athletic, and Feathers, Leather and Fur – it’s so good to be organized!


Back To School | Kalista Elaine

First-time video blogger, Kalista Elaine, hits a home run with this video showing her ideas for how to go back to school looking great! (Warning: The opeing is a bit long, but she does finally get to the actual outfits in a few minutes.)


MAYORAL CPM Fall Fashion | Fashion Channel

Before you reject these ideas because it’s a Moscow fashion show, check out these great outfits, and how American-inspired they are. Plus, very fun to watch and listen!

That’s our take for Fall Fashion trends. Hope this helped get YOU inspired. Happy shopping!

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