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You commonly refer to those who make their own face masks as “ambitious”. Now you’re running out of disposable face masks. What to do next?

We searched the Web for the best face mask tutorials and came up with these. Happy face-masking…

But first…

Remember the days when only germophobes wore face masks?  Check out this classic routine from our all-time fave comic, Sebastian Maniscalco

DIY Face Mask No Sewing Machine | Crafty Daily

Want a durable face mask but don’t have a sewing machine?  Check out Crafty Daily’s tutorial with simple instructions on hand-sewing your own. With all that time on your hands, what else you gonna do? Let’s watch…

Easy No-Sew Shop Towel Mask | jimhappy

Would you trust a face mask tutorial from a guy who’s apparently too lazy to use capital letters in his YouTube name, or even use spaces?  With over 400K views, people apparently do! We tried this, ourselves, and it works great. All you need is a roll of shop towels (like paper towels but blue and heavier, available at Walmart), some rubber bands and a stapler or tape dispenser.  jimhappy reported in a later video that researchers at UNC (Go Tar Heels!) found these to be more effective than a standard surgical mask. See how easy…

How I Make DIY Face Masks At Home | Refinery29

So you’ve got a sewing machine, do you? Or a mother with a sewing machine? OK, sorry, that was a little sexist and ageist. Whatever, if you have a sewing machine here’s one of the best face mask tutorials we’ve seen. Join actress and video blogger, Allegra Edwards, as she guides us through the making of a face mask!.

How to Make N95 PM2.5 Face Mask | ProperFit Clothing Co.

Now this mask is the real deal – the classic N95. Think it’s impossible to make? Think again!  ProperFit Clothing Co. shows you how – and you can optionally purchase their pattern for a reasonable price.

Well, that’s out pick for DIY face mask making. We should point out, no mask is going to be 100% protective from COVID-19, but in many states, it’s the law to wear one, and it sure beats nothing…

Wear your face mask – and not on your chin! Stay healthy!

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