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Do you hate to smile because your teeth look ‘different’?

Are you bothered by overly large teeth, gaps in between teeth, or cracks and chips? You don’t have to put up with any of these situations. Today, reshaping teeth using modern technology is easily performed by dentists like us. It improves smiles and transforms them to a more natural appearance.

Reshaping Teeth Using Dental Contouring

One of the best procedures for reshaping teeth is dental contouring. During this procedure, specialized tools are used to modify the shape of your tooth by removing small areas of tooth enamel. As a result, the outward appearance of the tooth is aesthetically changed.

Although an abrasion technique is used to perform the removal, little to no pain is felt by the patient. Dentists are very precise about how much of the enamel is removed, using a system of temporary markings to ensure that only what is necessary is removed. Once the abrasion has been completed, your tooth is polished to a nice sheen.

Reshaping Teeth Using Dental Bonding

As one of the more modern methods we utilize to restore the natural appearance of teeth, dental bonding is accomplished, usually in a single visit, giving patients the kind of convenient results they appreciate. Bonding helps in reshaping teeth in the front of the mouth where they are obviously more noticeable.

Reshaping Teeth Using Porcelain Veneers

Most suitably used when the teeth have sustained minor chips and cracks or permanent staining, porcelain veneers do a nice job of reshaping teeth. The veneers are styled for placement on the front surface of your anterior teeth, creating a brand new smile. We can explain the entire procedure during your initial consultation.

Reshaping Teeth Using Gum Lifts (Gingivectomies)

If you have an excess of soft tissue that covers up your teeth and gives you a “gummy smile”, it might be time to consider a gingivectomy. While this procedure doesn’t actually involve reshaping teeth by adding or taking away from them, it does reshape your teeth by removing or sculpting the gums so that your teeth look more natural.

If you crave a more natural-looking smile, visit us today to learn your options and build the right plan.

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