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Have you prepared your New Year’s resolutions yet?

If your smile could talk (on its own, that is), it would no doubt add some resolutions to your list. Here are three…

Resolution No.1 — Carbs Less, Sugars Less

The wrong foods can do more than put weight around your middle — they also encourage tooth decay and gum disease — conditions that could put a big barrier to you and your happiness. A great resolution, then, would be to change your diet to one containing less carbs and sugars — the foods most likely to promote plaque.

Just how might this play out for you? Watch as video blogger, Will Tennyson, documents his experience as he swears off the carbs for a full seven days.

I Quit Carbs & Sugar for 7 Days | Will Tennyson

Resolution No. 2 — Take Better Care of Your Mouth

Regular dental checkups, recommended at least twice a year, are a key first step to keeping your mouth in tip-top shape. Plaque and other impurities that you can’t get to with a regular toothbrush are removed, and any irregularities such as oral cancer, gum disease and other issues are monitored.

So if putting off your dental appointments is a thing, resolve to get on our schedule as your should! Your smile will thank you for it!

Of course, there are things you need to be doing on your own, such as brushing, flossing, tongue scraping, rinsing, etc. So to help and motivate you is someone we’ve featured before in this newsletter, Teeth Talk Girl. Take a look!

Setup Your Oral Hygiene | Teeth Talk Girl

Resolution No. 3 — Upgrade Your Smile

People often have something about their smile they want to hide. This can mean altering demeanor, eating habits and social interactions in order to keep their “secret”  from getting out.

There are now a wealth of treatments to help perfect your smile and remove some of those problems. Resolve to get those issues taken care of in 2023! Here’s a brief review of what is possible.

Aging & Cosmetic Dentistry | American Dental Association

“I will maintain and improve my smile in 2024!”

Taking control of your mouth is a great resolution that can lead to so much more success in your life. Give us a call to find out more — and Happy New Year!

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