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A toothache is one of the most insistent pains your body can produce. When it strikes, all you want to do is get to your dentist to make it go away. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible.

In the interim, you need to deal as best you can. Over-the-counter painkilling drugs can certainly help, but for many people, that’s not a great solution. Instead, here are seven safe but effective home remedies you can try until your dentist saves the day.

1) Simple Salt Water

For straightforward, fast toothache relief, stir half a teaspoon of ordinary salt into a small cup of warm water and use it as a gentle mouthwash. This will act as a natural disinfectant, reduce inflammation, and also help loosen any lodged food particles which may be augmenting your pain.

2) Fresh Sage Leaves

Take a few fresh leaves of garden sage, and steep in boiling water for five minutes. Drain, leave to cool, and add a splash of apple cider vinegar to make a pain-relieving mouthwash. This concoction is also good for mouth ulcers and sore throats!

3) Peppermint

Peppermint tea has a slightly numbing effect in your mouth. For an extra-strength treatment, press the lukewarm used tea bag onto the affected area and hold for a minute at a time until you feel, or don’t feel, something.

4) Cloves

Cloves are a classic pain-reducer! They’ve been used to relieve tooth pain through the ages. Sucking on the whole clove is effective but can be painful, best to boil in pure water for a numbing mouthwash.

Alternatively, dilute a few drops of pure clove oil with a little olive oil, and apply around the affected tooth using a clean cotton ball.

5) Common Thyme

Thyme’s strong, warming taste can be an effective distraction from a toothache. What’s more, the herb contains natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties to prevent infection and promote healing. Simply make a mouthwash by infusing the dried herb in hot water, letting it cool to body temperature.

6) Chili Oil

The idea of adding extra fire to a toothache might not seem logical, but chili has natural analgesic properties as well as a mild mood-lifting effect to distract from your discomfort. Try dabbing a little chill-infused oil onto the inside of your cheek close to the affected area, rather than directly on the tooth itself.

7) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has gained a formidable reputation as a skin care superstar, but it can also be used to treat mouth pains of all kinds. Simply dab a little pure aloe vera oil or gel onto the gums around the affected area, and you’ll soon notice a numbing effect and reduced inflammation. Warning! Only use pure aloe vera products, not ones formulated for skin care or other treatments. (You knew that…)

Whether your toothache is caused by neuralgia, damage, or decay, you need to see your dentist as soon as possible. However, there’s no need to grin and bear it while you wait. Try any of these natural remedies and find the one that’s right for you. 

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