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Oral piercings seem cool and fun, but they can also be very bad for your health, and your life – from damage to your teeth, to infections, disease or worse.

Piercing the body has been in style, well, for centuries. These days, when you choose to pierce areas around or inside the mouth, you open yourself up to some real modern-day problems. Here are just some of the reasons NOT to get a piercing…

Piercings can allow bacteria, which is rampant in the oral cavity, to penetrate the tongue or lip surface, and create a serious infection or allergic reaction. This can then cause the tongue to swell, which could affect your breathing or even damage your heart valves. But that’s not all…

Oral Piercings Can Cause Serious Health Problems | Edmonton Sun

A. A tongue piercing, performed incorrectly, could penetrate an artery, causing major blood loss. Most piercings are done in facilities that do not have medically trained personnel, putting you at extreme risk.
B. The jewelry, itself, can cause problems. If it breaks off, you can choke on it, especially while asleep. Any action of the mouth can send the jewelry in the wrong direction, chipping or scratching your teeth. A serious chip can mean a dead nerve or infection, requiring root canal surgery.
C. Abrasion from speech, chewing, etc., can cause damage to your gums.
D. Chronic drooling can result (oh what a turn-off!)
E. Piercings make it a challenge for your dentist to take accurate x-rays of your teeth, which could prevent discovery of serious dental issues.
F. Certain conditions such as hemophilia, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune diseases put you at risk for complications when you introduce a piercing.
G. In the workplace and in many social circles, piercings are frowned upon, or regarded as “sleazy”, and they can affect your speech. Displaying a piercing at a job interview, for example, might send the wrong signal about you and the quality of the work you do. Same with dating. (Just saying…)

Here’s a straightforward video that sums it up…

If you choose to ignore this advice…

Your first important decision is to choose a piercing shop that is clean, reputable, and the people are licensed and trained to do the work. Make sure…

  • The person has disinfected himself or herself, the tools and the work space.
  • Employees received a Hepatitis B vaccine recently.
  • They don’t use piercing guns or recycled needles.
  • The needle is placed in a sealed container after the procedure.
  • Surgical steel, solid gold, or platinum are used – anything else, and you’re asking for trouble later on.

For additional important tips on piercing, ask your dentist (he or she has seen it all!), and visit the Center for Young Women’s Health website for a complete review.  Also, see what the American Dental Association has to say about piercing. It’s “mouth-opening” advice! 🙂

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