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Common sense dictates, to really enjoy life and stay healthy, you need adequate and consistent sleep.

Scientific studies back this up. Likewise, a lack of adequate and consistent sleep is so damaging, you could very well lose your hair over it.

It’s different for everyone

Can a lack of deep sleep take away your hair?

Obviously, the effects of sleep deprivation differ greatly from one person to the next. While some may see their hairline recede “only by a hair”, others could find themselves missing their once-luscious mane.

In most cases, it’s difficult to track the progress of hair loss, since it occurs so gradually. For men, this is commonly a reflection of genes and sex hormones leading to male pattern baldness (known as alopecia). Lack of sleep, however, can contribute to this. How?

HGH may be key

Growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is an anabolic hormone that builds and repairs tissue in the body. It is believed that HGH production has a positive effect on hair health.

Growth hormone is primarily produced when you sleep. So, those who get limited sleep are likely to generate less HGH — and without the fuel to keep hair growing, the scalp becomes increasingly visible.

Alas, trying to make up for inadequate sleep with naps doesn’t help. They simply don’t give the body enough time to produce the HGH required for healthy hair growth.

Stress? Who me?

Lack of sleep can cause stress, which produces hair loss.

Lack of sleep often leads to higher stress of the emotional and physical kind — and stress can play a role in losing one’s hair.

Stress is thought to have a direct relation to scalp tension, which can lead to hair loss. Prolonged stress can affect the interior structure of follicles, disrupting natural growth.

Could something else be wrong?

Of course, sleep deprivation may not always be voluntary. Airway disorders, such as sleep apnea, can be an impediment, even for those who go to bed on time.

Visiting a trained dentist or sleep specialist can put you on the road to treating your airway issue and in the long run, preserving your head of hair.

Think about it.

The more you sleep, well, you know the rest…

Going to bed just one or two hours earlier, or correcting your airway issue, can have a profound effect on your health, your life and your looks!

Sleep deprivation affect millions of people, so if you or someone you know claims they don’t need much sleep, or aren’t getting enough of it, raise the red flag — and pull out a pillow. See us for more information!

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