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Humans are generally not very good at adjusting to spontaneous, dramatic change.

But sudden change is definitely upon us. So how do we adjust? Our editors have searched the web for great advice to keep sane and healthy as we are suddenly forced to work, sleep, interact, date and everything else inside our homes. Here are our five top videos you need to watch…

Video I: 5 Mental Health Tips During COVID-19 | Indiana University Southeast

Priority One in a situation like ours is to keep your wits about you. This five-minute talk by Dr. Michael Day, Director of Counseling at IUS, is a perfect primer for maintaining your mental health. Worth watching.

Video II: How To Stay Sane While Working From Home | Stella Grizant

Listen to Stella’s basic advice for staying sane while working at your kitchen table. Nice, comforting presentation – what we need right now.

Video III: Best Datings Tips For 2020 COVID-19 | Marni Your Personal Wing Girl

Guys! Video blogger and dating trainer, Marni, thinks the pandemic is actually an ideal time to meet the right woman. Listen to her solid tips on attracting people through the small screen. (Warning: There’s a pitch at the end to view her other free 45-minute video.)

Video IV: The Best Foods to Eat to Avoid An Outbreak | Inside Edition

Staving off the virus is only possible when you’re properly nourished. Inside Edition interviews registered dietitian, Maya Feller, on the foods to eat while we’re all in “cold storage”.

Video V: Advice For Those Having Difficulty Sleeping | CBS

One of the most important lifestyle habits during this stressful time is getting enough sleep. This brief news segment sums up the things you can do.

We hope these videos will be of use to you during this difficult time. We’ll keep up our search for the highest quality COVID-19 content. (Don’t worry, the content’s not gonna give you COVID-19!)

Stay tuned, stay safe and stay healthy!

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