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Can your own body’s stem cells help create a more youthful appearance?

It’s a fact that stem cell therapy is being used more often because of stem cells’ regenerative properties, and face lifts using stem cells are gaining in popularity as people favor safer, minimally invasive procedures.

What is a Stem Cell Facelift?

Fat autograph muscle injections (FAMI) utilize the patient’s own fat and connective tissue, adding volume to hallow, loose skin. The objective is to create a younger-looking facial contour, and boost skin tightness.

FAMI is similar to a fat transfer procedure in that it is based upon a series of injections. However, stem cells are more sophisticated because they use a high concentration of the body’s own stem cells, extracted from the thighs and abdomen, combined with growth factors to develop into various tissue types, such as muscle and skin.

The Benefits of Stem Cell Facelifts

Potentially better results – Again, the protocols that have been developed for delivery of stem cells to different planes and tissue types leads to a more natural appearance.

Longer-lasting results – With more natural contours created from regenerated tissue, the youthful results promise to last longer than simple fat transfer procedures.

Less Discomfort – With just one to two weeks of healing, minimal discomfort is experienced versus other procedures, such as surgery.

The Recovery Period

Compared with surgery, FAMI procedures are minimally invasive. When patients comply with recommended recovery protocols, few risks are associated with treatment.

Average recovery periods, where minor side effects are present, should be no more than seven to ten days.

The side effects may include some redness and/or swelling the first one to two days – it may look like you have a sunburn. The healing process also includes some shedding of the skin with a slight pink cast and some swelling.

Of course, the injected stem cells and factors will take time to work, but facial appearance should continue to improve after three to four weeks’ time.

The great news is that bed rest is not necessary, and patients can continue with their normal lives immediately after the procedure. It is highly recommended, however, to stay out of the sun as this may further irritate the skin around the treated areas.

Finally, follow-up injections are normally recommended after four to five months from the initial treatment in order to promote further cell growth and differentiation.

Who’s a good candidate?

People who want to minimize sagging, wrinkled skin, but who also prefer to avoid invasive surgery are good candidates for stem cell therapy. Results vary, so you must also be flexible as to how you look after treatment.

Consulting with a qualified specialist is probably the best thing people can do to decide if the procedure is right for you.

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