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For some, spas are a must-have experience, providing a healthful, relaxing break from the pressures of life. For others, the idea of going to a spa conjures fear – physical embarrassment – and even pain.

Truth be told, once you experience the right spa, you’ll be hooked – and there are literally dozens of unique spa experiences out there – from the low-key to the super-lux.

One of the best ways to shop and learn about spas, aside from visiting one, is to comb the Web for videos – and that’s exactly what we did. Here is a selection of five from the dozens we watched, just to give you a taste of spa living. Relax and enjoy!

Spa 101

Here’s a start-to-finish “diary” of the typical spa experience, produced by the Five Seasons Sports Club, a small regional chain. You’ll find spas like these all across the U.S. of A. Follow a young couple as they relax, get pampered, eat, drink and enjoy.

Chillin’ in Vegas…

Nothing takes the edge off a thousand-dollar loss at the black jack table than an equally expensive spa day at one of Las Vegas’ many top-of-the-line facilities – where opulence meets chill-axin’. Here’s a highly corny but entertaining review of some of the more popular spas, produced by MonkeySee.

Massage, Hot Water and Kimchi

If you’ve never been to a genuine Korean spa, usually located in the K-towns of America, a few things are for certain: You’re gonna relax, you’re gonna get naked and you’re gonna eat kimchi (not necessarily in that order). For the uninitiated, the following video is a brief tutorial in Korean spa etiquette from video blogger, Jenny Wu.

Here’s Mud In Your Eye…

OK, this is a fun video! From Beauty Insider comes a review of some of the more eclectic spa treatments.

If I Were A Rich Man…

The Talko combed the world to reveal some over-the-top – and possibly overrated – spa experiences that the wealthy might think nothing of trying – but which you might need a second mortgage to pay for. You be the judge if they’re worth it.

More work for you…

To borrow a phrase from a wise, if overly rough, Las Vegas masseuse, “we’ve only scratched the surface!” There are tons of spas out there from which to choose. So, do your research, and guaranteed, you’ll discover the ideal spa for your specific tastes and physical needs.

A side note: If you’re the type that’s embarrassed by getting quasi-naked in front of a stranger or strangers, fear not! Part of the spa “philosophy” is to shed, not only your clothes, but also, your shyness and insecurities. No doubt, you’ll feel comfortable in no time.

Spas can be a relaxing, fun, romantic escape from the everyday. Enjoy your spa journey!

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