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Thinking of getting a tattoo?  There’s so much to consider: “What should it look like?” – “Will it be safe?” – “Will I tire of it” – “Am I insane?” The following 6-step guide will help you make the right decision. (Possibly.)

1. Think Carefully, My Son (Or Daughter)…

The big question is, “Should I have a tattoo in the first place?” This video from (not a typo, people) provides some perspective from a bunch of smart-sounding teen girls. Watch and learn!

2. Warning! Is The Ink In the Pink?

A real consideration when deciding whether are not to get a tattoo is the safety factor. There are many uncertainties when it comes to the inks used in tattoo art. Watch this CBS News report…

3. Choosing The Right Tattoo Studio

A tattoo is not something you should get on a whim, and neither should be choosing a place to get it applied. ExpertVillage presents this common sense approach to choosing the right studio as explained by a professional tattoo artist.

4. OK, You’re Gonna Go For It…

Getting your first tattoo can be an exciting, even intense, experience. Join video blogger and teen heart throb-type person, Jake Mitchell, on his journey through the process. It’s kinda fun – or gross – depending how you look at it.

5. Tattoo Aftercare: What’s Right For You!

We watched over a dozen videos on this topic, and every one of them took a different approach. Here is one suggestion that seems particularly sanitary and safe, but you may have to find your own technique, since everyone is different.  Presenting SOOK Lifestyle‘s version of tattoo aftercare.

6. Tattoo Removal: What To Do When The Regret Sets In

It’s a good bet, you may have outgrown or completely regret that large tattoo of a lobster you hastily chose to place on the side of your left thigh. Video magazine, INSIDER, gives you a quick look what it’s like to get a tattoo removed with laser therapy. Does not look pleasant…

So there you have it. Tattoos! Whatever your decision, make sure it’s for the long run, decide whether to get one in a sober state, and make it as safe a journey as possible. Happy Tattooing!


Check out this countdown from Landon at MostAmazingTop10 for the worst tattoos, ever (at least according to him). Cheers!

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