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Dreams where your teeth fall out – who hasn’t had these?  They often seem so real, and when you awaken, you may even have to check you still have yours!

No doubt, after such a dream, you’ll probably wonder, “What does it all mean?” Perhaps one of the following reasons applies in your case…

Reason One: Actual problems with your teeth.

It sounds obvious, but it’s been shown that teeth problems can be a cause for dreams about teeth falling out. This interpretation is supported by research that highlights the importance of dental hygiene in the occurrence of such dreams. A study conducted in 2018 found that dreams about teeth falling out are more closely linked to dental hygiene than psychological distress.

Reason Two: Perceived instability in life.

In real life, most people would consider their teeth suddenly falling out to be a horrific experience. Although dreams don’t usually echo real-real life, assuming your teeth are probably firmly in place when you awaken, the dream may reflect the truth metaphorically.

Dreams often express real emotions through symbols and stories. Dreaming about losing your teeth might just mean, you feel unstable.

Perhaps you’re unsure about your place in this world, or you are going through a period of financial or romantic instability. In this age of COVID-19, this is understandable.

So dreaming that your teeth are falling out may represent these feelings in the “sleep world”.

Reason Three: Change or transition.

Teeth falling out may represent a significant change or transition in the dreamer’s life. Just as losing baby teeth is a natural part of growing up, losing adult teeth can symbolize leaving the past behind and moving forward into a new phase.

Reason Four: Lack of nourishment.

Let’s face it – without your teeth, taking in nourishment would be tough, seeing as you couldn’t chew your food and all. Losing your choppers in a dream might indicate a fear you aren’t getting enough sustenance, though it may not be of the food variety.

You may feel life doesn’t support you, or you aren’t getting what you need to be “nourished” from your relationships or your career. In dreams, when your teeth fall out, your mind may be speaking to you, saying, “Feed me!”

Reason 5: Repressed emotion.

Another interpretation of such dreams may be that you hold repressed emotional angst in your jaw. People tense their jaws when they brace themselves for stress. They also clench their jaws when they are fuming or holding back angry words.

If you are upset or angry, or can’t seem to let your feelings flow, teeth-falling-out dreams could be the result.

Reason 6: Fear of loss

When your teeth fall out in dreams, consider whether you fear of losing someone or something important to you is the cause.

Valued friendships, family members, financial security, or your job are all crucial to people’s lives, and your tooth-losing dream could reflect anxiety about losing these people or things. Just as likely, actually losing your teeth due to dental issues that you may be ignoring could be a reason for these types of dreams.

First things first: Remain Calm.

Dreams of teeth falling out aren’t enjoyable, but they can be helpful as a call-to-action. Your dreams may be telling you, it’s time to speak the truth and express your emotions – or that a painful past experience beckons closure, something you have been avoiding.

Dreams might also reveal you need to face your fears. Perhaps, a visit to your dentist might be the thing you are afraid of! Only you can decide why you had a teeth-falling-out dream.

Use these dreams to improve your life. Whatever you do, don’t panic – it’s only a dream!


Here’s a wonderful talk by life coach and video blogger, James Himm Mitchell, about teeth-failling-out dreams and what to make of them. Great presentation we know you’ll enjoy. Check it out!

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