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While multi-bladed disposable razors are still the norm, old-fashioned safety razors are making a major comeback. This is due in large part to the unique benefits of wet shaving.

For one thing, safety razors are less wasteful than disposable razors. Instead of buying expensive replacement razors and blade cartridges, safety razor owners can use the same razor for years or even decades.

Save money and the environment

Except for replacing one or two blades a few times a year, buying a safety razor is a one-time investment. The use of safety razors also cuts down on garbage for this reason, making them the more environmentally conscious choice. According to the EPA, around two billion disposable razors are discarded each year in the US alone.

Avoiding the Ingrow

Wet shaving also has a number of health benefits for the skin. Disposable razors with multiple blades are designed to pull the hair before it is cut, after which the hair retracts below the skin’s surface. When the hair grows back, there is a chance that it will grow in sideways or curl back in. This is a major cause of the razor bumps and ingrown hairs that plague many shavers. Safety razors avoid this problem by cutting hair cleanly at the level of the follicle.

“That was a close shave…”

Learn how to use a safety razor the traditional way with this great tutorial. It’s nice to watch, like having your dad teach you to shave in 1958. Note: It has some commercial mentions, but the content is great!

Done right, less shaving irritation

Another way that safety razors keep the skin healthy is by shaving with just one blade. Disposable razors shave the same area multiple times, often removing the skin’s protective layer in the process. The shaving brush used in wet shaving further reduces irritation. Shaving brushes create a high quality lather on the face while softening and lifting the hairs. This allows the razor to glide across the face and effortlessly remove the hair.
Disposable razors have sophisticated marketing behind them, but the downsides are difficult to ignore.

In addition to being fun and relaxing, wet shaving with a safety razor is a more healthy and cost-effective way to keep your hair in check. While not as ubiquitous as it once was, wet shaving will likely continue to grow in popularity.

Written by James Mitchell

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