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As dentists, we aim for all our patients to sport a bright, attractive, healthy smile.

But regardless how white, shiny and straight one’s teeth are, regrettably, many of us just don’t know how to smile most naturally and genuinely. That’s why our crack staff decided to search the Web for the best advice on how to bring out the best in your smile. Here are four videos to help you with that…

Video 1: How To Smile | Better You | from Howcast

Meet relationship-advice expert, Stephanie Florman, as she gives us her take on the most basic way to smile like the sun — a great intro to the topic of smiling!

Video 2: How To Smile | from wikiHow

Nothing like a how-to wiki for a simple, direct answer to whatever your question is. You may have heard some of this before, but there are some new ones — give a listen.

Communications expert, Mary Daphne, knows all about the difference between a mediocre smile and great one — she and her staff offer professional counseling on how to communicate more effectively. Hear to her seven ideas for a more natural smile…

Video 4: 6 Tips For A Natural Smile in Photos | Katrina Stacie

Let’s face it — these days, one of the most critical venues places for us to present a genuine smile is online. Meet L.A. native and educator, Katrina Stacie. She offers tips for smiling naturally and optimally when you’re being photographed. She also has a very soothing voice, so if you want to learn to smile and relax at the same time, watch this video…

Well, there you have it — four videos offering advice on how to refine your smile skills. Happy Smiling, and if you need cosmetic or restorative help with your smile, please do give us a call!

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