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Social distancing is a serious matter, but it has its funny moments.

Our staff scoured the Web for funny takes on SD. So here are our Top Ten Funniest Social Distancing Era Social Media Posts. Remember, before you laugh out loud, just make sure no one’s within six feet of you!


No. 10 – Super (Market) Social Distancing | @saramaypcs


No. 9 – Sit On The Bench | @Liberty_Thunder


No. 8 – Pretending You’re Having Friends Over | goodnews_movement


No. 7 – DJ S.D.’s In Da Howz! | barstoolsports


No. 6 – Up, Up & Away! | memes


No. 5 – Here’s Your Grub… | Best Compilations OMG


No. 4 – The Perfect Schedule for Quarantined Parents | Jen Fulwiler


No. 3 – German Engineering At Its Best | @thehill


No. 2 – Dinner Over Zoom | @mobozzen


No. 1 – Ain’t It The Truth | nurselori

Stay safe and above all, keep your sense of humor!

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