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Here it is, our first triple-play quiz post,and it’s all about – you guessed it – hair color!

Quiz No. 1: Guess Your Natural Hair Color! | Sweety High

For our first quiz, pretend you’re at a state fair, walking down the Midway with a bag over your head, and you hear a barker offering to guess your hair color. OK, that’s probably a bad analogy, but it’s all we could think of to get you interested in Sweety High’s recent creation. See if they can do it…

[playbuzz-item item=”cd48efc1-5629-45a1-b7c6-491cdb1cd13b” wp-pb-id=”869616″]

Quiz No. 2: “I’d Dye for My Personality” | Emily

We know you have a personality – so what does it say about the color you should dye your hair – or even IF you should. Check out quiz mistress Emily’s fun test…

[playbuzz-item item=”bcf825aa-678c-4a05-8d51-638e3a77f666″ wp-pb-id=”743205″]

Quiz No. 3: It’s Crystal Ball Time | Judy Lee

OK, maybe you’ve already had kids, or plan to have them in another life. See what this quiz says about your future children’s hair color. Worth a try just for laughs, right?

[playbuzz-item item=”557ca830-7fe5-4140-9544-2b49c96faa72″ wp-pb-id=”294926″]

Well, that’s all we have for this month. Check out future quizzes we always hope will help color your world, or your hair.


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