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As dentists, we emphasize that having a brilliant, healthy smile can really boost your online image. But there’s more to it than that…

As everyone knows, the pandemic changed the way we interact with other people – what once required in-person meetings now calls for remote interactions on services like Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. But that hasn’t changed what people want out of these interactions – a new job or promotion – meeting the right companion – scoring high grades in school – and more.

To help you achieve your online goals, we searched the Internet for solid advice on how to be a star up on the little screen. Take a look…

Behave, Behave, Behave!

Do’s and Don’ts of Zoom Video Conferencing: Mike Polk Jr.’s Instructional Video | WKYC Cleveland

Video conferencing has become a culture unto itself, with its own customs and taboos! This lighthearted training video by Mike Polk, Jr. may be just what you need to get acclimated (if you aren’t already).


5-Minute Makeup for Video Conferencing | Sona Gasparian

Besides great teeth, bringing out the best in your facial features is a good idea for effective video conferencing!  Makeup artist-turned-vlogger/blogger Sona Gasparian has some tips for an effective five-minute makeover. Take a look…

Lights! Camera! Action!

Look Better on Video Calls With These Easy Lighting Tips | NY Times/Wirecutter

How many times have we jumped on a video call, only to discover that some people look like they’re sitting in a mausoleum? Writer/producer, Michael Hession, offers simple lighting tips and things to avoid.  Light it up!

Symbols of Authority

Maximize your professional image on a video conference – 5 Top Tips | House of Color

Did you know? The color palette you choose (or don’t choose) for your online video “set” can affect how people feel about how reliable, trustworthy and in control you are.  Image consultant, Laura Downey, tells us how to project an image of authority and professionalism using color.

Attention All Students!

Online Classroom Video Etiquette / Zoom and Google Meeting |
Tarver Academy

Experienced teacher, principal and vlogger, Tyler Tarver, offers students great advice on how not to fail a class due to bad etiquette.  Take a lesson, people…

Well, that about covers it.  Come to us for a better smile, and learn from the pros how to be a star on your next video call. It all adds up to success!

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