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Traveling by plane should trigger a person to switch personalities – from the “heck-with-everyone-else-I-can-do-whatever-I-want” me, to the “I’m-with-other-people-now-in-a-very-tight-space-so-best-to-show-some-consideration” me.

Unfortunately, many people are not good at performing this transition – thus causing other passengers to become annoyed, frustrated – even violent.

Our editors selected four videos that cover the delicate subject of airplane etiquette. Let’s watch and learn, shall we?

1. The Lighter Side

Airplane misbehavior is one of the main staples of the typical stand-up comedian. Here’s a brilliantly funny routine by veteran comic, Brian Regan, who incidentally, has a couple of specials available on Netflix right now. Love this guy!

2. Great Airplane Advice

Vblogger, Dana Newman, from Wanted An Adventure, adds these important tips for becoming a considerate flyer…

3. And Then There Was Ellen…

In this quick clip from her show, Ellen describes some of the behavior she encounters on planes, under her umbrella name, “Stop Being Monsters”. Let’s watch…

4. More Great Airplane Advice

Last but not least, produced by CBS Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg, here are some useful tips on the rules of the road – or rather, the runway – when it’s time to fly. Enjoy!

Well, there you have it – four videos on airplane etiquette. Hopefully, they’ll help you enjoy traveling a bit more, and even behave better! Of course, if you’re flying alone on a luxurious private jet, forget all this and do whatever you want – it’s your show! 🙂

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